Virtual Training


Life can throw us many curve-balls, but that doesn’t mean you should choose between “doing life” and achieving your goals.

Our Virtual Personal Training (VPT) Program will guide you through your individualized workouts just as you’d experience within the studio. Enhance your movement, develop conditioning, and get strong from your own living room. With the VPT, we meet you where you are.

Let’s get working!

Virtual Training w Tiff


Prefer working solo? Feel confident that you are progressing towards your goals with C-FIT’s No- Brainer Trainer program.

A more hands-off approach than the VPT, our NBT Program grants you a personalized workout schedule according to YOUR goals with regular check-ins to ensure adherence and help you overcome obstacles.

Take the thinking out of your workouts, and let C-FIT Studio’s No-Brainer Trainer guide you!

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Add the NBT to your current training program and boost
results both in and outside the studio!


Are your daily habits helping or hurting your goals? C-FIT’s Behavior Change Program can help! Our BCP is a partnership between you and us.

After an initial 60-minute Mind Meld to explore, evaluate, and define your goals, we will help you create a plan of action, and will follow up every week with 30-minute coaching calls, texts, or video chats to ensure adherence, answer questions, and bust through any obstacle standing in your way.

You are worth the effort. You CAN do it. And we can help.
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