PNOE Metabolic Analysis. Let science do the work for you.

Simply put, our PNOE device unveils what YOUR body needs, down to the metabolic and cellular level. With PNOE, we can learn not only if you can take in enough oxygen, but if you can use it efficiently. Evaluate your metabolic health, see how well you burn fat or carbs or both, and more.

With PNOE, the trainers at C-FIT Studio can work your program to correct any limitation for maximal performance and structural enhancement with SCIENCE, not trial-and-error, not guessing, not math.

Whether an athlete, an executive, or on-the-go mom, the PNOE changes the game on your fitness and health. Want to figure out what you need, why you need it, and how to fix it? The PNOE is your answer.

Schedule your RMR & RAMP Tests today! 

(The PNOE requires a minimum of three tests at specific intervals in order to track progress. To enhance the results, we also offer A.I. Precision Nutrition, a done-for-you meal plan that auto-adjusts according to your intake and your goals alongside your activity. Call us to learn more about how the PNOE will literally change the world around your health, fitness, and performance potential.)