Partners in Health

Enhanced Nutrition & Energy

Enhanced Nutrition and Energy opened in Suffolk back in early 2020, and offers a plethora of meal-replacement drinks and energy teas (and even protein donuts!). Their shakes are almost too delicious and provide our clients with a healthy option for breakfast or lunch when they are on the run. C-FIT Studio is excited to partner with them to offer our clients a discount on their products, and to offer their clients a discount on our classes.

We also connect with them once monthly to host Enhanced with C-FIT, a calisthenic-based hour workout that ends in a shake or tea of your choice. Learn more about the event here!

Be sure to check out their shakes or teas yet, you gotsta go! Them’s just so good! πŸ˜‰

Beer Yoga

Nansemond Brewing Station

Who said beer and fitness can’t go together? Not us! Nansemond Brewing Station began enhancing downtown Suffolk with its chill, community-focused vibes years ago, and C-FIT Studio was excited to partner with them for a monthly event run by yours truly and hosted at the brewery. Beer Yoga – the two best things about fun and fitness combined. You down, dawg?

Learn more here!