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Revenant Up Strategic Fundraiser

In 2019, C-FIT Studio supported one of their members and retired Navy Seal Chadd Wright in his journey to test the human limits in a Barklay-style, 100+ mile ultra-marathon race hosted in New Zealand while he was becoming the motivational speaker and outdoor finishing school instructor he is today (check out his podcast Three of Seven here!).

To reflect the workout of Chadd’s race, C-FIT created a workout that tests the volume capacity of the participants using various exercises in teams of two to be completed by the participants as THEY see fit, just like the participants of the Revenant have to plot and plan their own strategies to overcome the Revenant. It requires forethought and planning and will get your heart pumping as you move through the “stations” within C-FIT Studio, aptly named to reflect the stations the ultra-marathoners reach during the Revenant.

This workout is challenging, fun, strategic, and benefits proceed various causes dependent on need. C-FIT is “Revenant Up” and typically hosts this challenge at the start of each year. Join us next time we test our grit and honor the bodies God gave us.

To learn more about the Revenant, click here.

To learn more about Chadd and the 3 of 7 Project, click here.

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