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Meet Vickie

Vickie moved to Suffolk in 1987, after Vickie had been relocated in her Naval JAG career.  Being a tap and ballet dancer, Vickie discovered C-FIT through friends and tried the yoga class, and it was she who later then brought her husband.

“Connie’s yoga class immediately resonated with me because my primary hobbies are tap dancing and ballet. I take tap classes three days a week and ballet one day a week. Dancing really engages my muscles and yoga has proven to be very beneficial for me as a dancer because it helps stretch and relax my muscles and improves my balance and strength. I come twice a week to Connie’s yoga class and because of the benefits, yoga has become part of my fitness lifestyle. I have noticed since I have been training at C-FIT that I am a stronger and more flexible dancer and a healthier one, too. I have taken part in the 21-Day Detox Program at C-FIT as well and have developed far healthier eating habits which I will continue to incorporate into my everyday life.”

“I think what separates C-FIT from other gyms/studios in the area is all of the individual attention you receive from the trainers. I have worked primarily with Connie and Jessica, and they both really show that they care about me and my health and fitness goals.” 

“Come to C-FIT and give yoga or one of their other classes a try and to be very patient with themselves. Fitness takes time, but if one is patient and consistent, results will follow! I have highly recommended and will continue to recommend C-FIT to my friends and acquaintances who are looking for a place to get started on their journey to become more fit and healthy!

Thank you, Vickie!  You have been a wonderful addition to our the culture at C-FIT at we love working with you, and are proud of how far you have come!

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