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Meet Vernon

Meet Vernon! He joined the C-FIT family about a year ago after he, “finally accepted that I needed accountability to remain committed to a physical fitness routine. As such, I decided to seek out a personal trainer. I did an internet search and found C-Fit in Suffolk. The reviews were very positive and I reached out to Connie.”

Originally from Danville, he moved to Suffolk 27 years ago after marrying his wife Susan.
Since Vernon joined our C-FIT family, he’s, “lost weight and regained muscle strength. My energy level is significantly higher, and overall, I simply feel better physically and mentally. My diet has improved and I’m far more intentional about what I put in my body.”

He continues: “The team at C-FIT are very professional, highly capable and always prepared. And, they’re fun to work with. They’re patient and answer my questions about diet, exercise routines, and they educate me on the benefits of specific routines we’re working on.  Before we even started, we discussed my goals to find out what I wanted to accomplish. They took the time to get to know me a bit. And they continually check in to make sure I’m satisfied with results, to see if my goals are changing, and to make suggestions.
“They seem to take great pride in my successes and they’re very encouraging. The environment at the studio is very comfortable, and while the other folks working out are serious about their workouts and work hard, they’re interested in getting to know you and they like to have some fun. It’s a very welcoming and inclusive environment. I’ve never once felt uncomfortable at C-FIT.”

He’s right on the mark, there! We are so proud of him and love watching him progress. So for the newbies to exercise, Vernon says:
Just make the decision to get started. Educate yourself a bit on the benefits of physical fitness, seriously consider the importance of diet, and then set a goal. Once you’ve done that, find a way to be held accountable. Strongly consider a workout buddy and/or a personal trainer to help in the process of setting goals and accountability. Experience has shown me that being held accountable greatly increases my chance of succeeding.”

Awesome tips, Vernon! Yes! There’s nothing wrong about needing accountability! We all need it, and we are blessed to have different options available according to our needs. So Vernon, would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?

Without hesitation, I would recommend C-FIT to anyone that wants to have some fun and be successful in their physical fitness journey.

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