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Meet Tom

Meet Tom! The Man About Town in Suffolk! Tom is originally from Richmond, and moved to Suffolk when he was just seven years old and has been a resident ever since.Through his business relationships in Downtown Suffolk, he heard about C-FIT Studio. “I visited for the first time because of my interest in what made C-FIT different than other gyms or fitness centers.”

As for that, since Tom has been working with us at C-FIT Studio, he says, “I’ve seen my weight decrease by about 20 lbs and my strength increase. I’ve also felt a sense of confidence in my daily routine.”Outside of the gym, Tom says that he’s “been able to keep up with my rigorous schedule without the feeling of exhaustion. I’ve also noticed that I make smarter choices when it’s time to eat.”

As for what separates C-FIT Studio, he said it’s the “One-on-one, for sure. Not only that, but the my personal fitness instructor really cares about my progress and celebrates with me as I improve.”For someone new to fitness, Tom suggests they “Make time… and give it time. It’s not a trial, it’s a change of behavior that benefits you… and everyone else who has daily encounters with you.”

So Tom — would you recommend C-FIT to a friend? “Absolutely!”

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