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Meet Tim

“The changes are immeasurable… My energy levels are on another level.”

It’s always fun to celebrate the successes of one’s spouse! Tim was born and raised in Suffolk, and “learned about C-FIT when my wife, Jessica, received her internship for personal training approximately 5 years ago.

I’ve participated in a few classes throughout her working there, but decided to join as a client January of 2020.” Because Jess tells him what to do every other day of the week (:-P), he trains with Jake, and he’s been doing great!

” My first session was hard. Physically and mentally, I just was not prepared.  Since then, I look forward to being pushed to my limits, and try and do more or last longer if I feel I can.”

Outside of the gym, ” the changes are immeasurable.

I’ve lost a little weight, but the shape that I am in is worlds better from where I was before I joined.

When working out, or doing any physical activity, my energy levels are on another level, my recovery is faster, and my body actually feels better when I’m using it. ”

He continues: “The camaraderie that you get at C-FIT is fantastic. From the trainers to the clients, everyone seems to be really down to earth and wants to help push each other to the next level.

I’m not familiar with other studios or gyms in the area, but when you see yourself or other clients coming in week after week and joining in on all the extra activities, some even on the weekends, it shows just how happy everyone is. ”

For the newbies or those waffling on starting their fitness journey, he says this:
“So I told myself numerous times it was time to get in shape and that I didn’t need a gym; I could do it myself.

The problem was motivating myself.  The personal trainers at C-FIT have everything planned for you, and it is a lot of work they put into planning the workout specifically for you, with the knowledge and knowhow to do it properly.  You just have to show up. ”

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