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Meet Teague

Meet Teague! Not only does he have a cool name, he’s been a rock star here at C-FIT Studio, increasing in strength and conditioning like the beast he is. A Hampton Roads native, he’s been in Suffolk nearly his entire life, working out farm times a day! (Get it?!) And he plays the guitar, so by default, he’s a pretty cool dude, amiright?

Teague came to join our C-FIT family while still in “high school actually; a friend and I took ballroom dance classes at C-FIT, so when I began looking for some exercise classes close by and saw C-FIT and the Spartan Training, I was already familiar with the studio.”

Since he’s been working out at C-FIT, “I’ve been noticing an increase in energy, endurance and physical strength. I live a fairly active lifestyle just in my day-to-day, so it helps a lot to stay in good shape and break any bad habits I may develop on my own… These have made many things easier to accomplish.”

According to Teague, “I think the small size of [C-FIT] leads to a very individualized style of training that ensures you get the most out of the work you put in there.”

So as an active individual, he’s seen a range of success and positive translations into his already-active daily life. But what about those who are just getting started? Any advice Teague?

He says, “Don’t stop! You might not see any improvements quickly, but you’ll never see any improvements if you give up!”

Lastly, would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?
“Yes! I probably already have to be honest.” 

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