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Meet Sugar

Meet Sugar Rodgers, pro basketball player.

A Suffolk native born and raised, she has fought her way out of an impoverished life into the world of a professional athlete, and uses C-FIT Studio to stay on top of her game (literally).Discovering C-FIT while walking down Main Street, she stopped in and “have been a member ever since.”  She trains frequently with Jeremy, and since starting has seen “a lot of changes in my body mechanics.”

Working as a professional basketball player for the WNBA with Liberty in New York, body mechanics can been the difference between success and failure.

According to Sugar, it’s the relationships combined with results that keep her coming back to C-FIT, and she encourages everyone who comes in to “Move at your own pace!”  A quiet, humble woman, she is kind and one of the hardest, no-nonsense workers we’ve met.

Despite being born and raised in an undesirable situation, she refused to let her circumstances dictate her life. Instead of using her situation as a crutch, she used sports to help her escape that world. Basketball fast became one a talent, a passion, and ultimately her career.

Sugar Rodgers finished last season with a franchise record in 3-point shots, a spot on the USA select team, and is looking forward to her renewed contract with the New York Liberty guaranteeing two more seasons. (Update: she is now working professionally out West for Las Vegas Aces.)

Congrats on another awesome year.  We’re looking forward to seeing you back on the court this season. We’re proud of you!

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