C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Sue

Sue began training at C-FIT Studio after a fall off of her beloved horse that tore tendons from her pelvis and made the simple act of walking challenging and painful. Now, she is beginning to get back to her walking and things that have caused her days of pain are mere niggles, and are steadily improving.

Originally from Brooklyn, Sue moved to Suffolk in 1985 where she could keep her horse at home with her, and found C-FIT by googling yoga.

Since she began her training at C-FIT four months ago, she has seen “increased strength and flexibility” and “I feel better overall thanks to the changes to my diet that they helped steer me towards. They work with the whole personal as an individual, and I really like the evening classes, Detox, Diets, etc.”

“Honestly, YOU ALL HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN MY WHOLE LIFE… not just my injury (that no one else other than my chiropractor was willing to assist with). I love that you all are always there with answers to questions and the positive feedback.”

“If you are ready to make the change, it is a lifestyle change, not just exercise.”

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