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Meet Stacie

Meet Stacie!  A Southern Belle, a firecracker, call her what you will, but she has solidified herself as a part of C-FIT’s culture. One of our personal training clients, Stacie has assimilated herself into the fold not only as a client and a class attendee, but a sincere friend, and has been an irreplaceable addition to the “family.”

A Suffolk native and mother of two, Stacie found herself at C-FIT through a friend as a way to tackle more exercises than the occasional walk.  In short, “I wanted to learn more, and become healthier,” she says.

Since training at C-FIT, “I have learned how to correctly do exercises. The classes have taught me a lot to about hidden sugars, the 21-Day Detox really helped teach me about my body and how it reacts to certain foods,” she says.  “Jessica has taught me so much as a trainer and a true friend. She has helped me so much in controlling my stress eating which was bad. She has also taught me how to properly stretch and sit, which has helped my posture so much. I have a new self-esteem and confidence level which I got after working out at C-FIT Studio.  They really do make you feel like family, and that’s why I love it here.”

Outside the gym, Stacie continues: “I have learned to watch for hidden sugars, and addictive additives which have really helped me with my cravings, and my lower belly area. I work out more now that I know what exercises I can do, and a routine Jessica has given me to follow.  I love the recipe details they put on Facebook and Tips; it helps keep me motivated…I now carry a list of hidden sugars names in my purse just to know them when I buy food for my family.”

“What separates C-FIT from other gyms is how quickly you become family. When I first joined, I knew no one and was very quiet. After 2 weeks, I knew everyone and they always greeted me when I walked through the door. It’s a level of so much respect they give you. You walk in like it’s your parents house — just hellos everywhere and funny conversations. They make a bad day a great day as soon as you walk in the doors.” 

For someone just looking into fitness, Stacie says, “Definitely look into C-FIT.  Come in and talk to one of the trainers. They are amazing and can help you anyway you are trying to workout or reach a certain goal. The classes are amazing and they are right there to help walk you through everything step by step.  They will answer any questions you may have. They also have are great dietitian Jean who can help answer any of your food questions.” 

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance? “I would definitely recommend C-FIT to anyone. Just walk through the door and you will know why I never looked back and continue to come every week.” 

“P.S. Jessica DuBois is an amazing trainer; I didn’t expect the friendship that would become what is has when I first joined.  But I am glad it has become that friendship.”

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