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Meet Stacey

Meet Stacey, the studio’s “quiet badass.”

Originally from Minnesota, Stacy is a Navy man that found himself in Surprising Suffolk since 2000.
Stacy found himself at C-FIT Studio last June 2019 looking to find a way to break through his plateau. “I was looking for a cross-fit class and C-FIT Studio popped up as a option. So I decided I was going to visit six months into my journey because I felt I was becoming stagnant and starting to believe I wasn’t going to meet my goals. I was looking for something to keep me moving forward.”

Since joining the C-FIT family, Stacy says “There has been a lot of physical changes and then the changes I feel health-wise. My stamina and strength has increased and continue to improve. My overall goals are slowly but surely being achieved.”

Changes didn’t stop there. “Outside having to buy a new wardrobe, the biggest change outside is my eating habits. I have cut out beef and pork with the exception of bacon. [I] catch myself reading labels more often, [and have] been researching about macros and meal prep to continue reaching my goals through my diet.”
“C-FIT offers more of a one-on-one atmosphere, even in the classes they offer,” says Stacy. “They offer programs like the 21-Day Detox, classes like Gut Health, and addition training like Spartan [OCR Training] to challenge yourself. All to help achieve your goals.”

Stacy has made drastic strides in his own fitness, and we at C-FIT are grateful and humbled to be a part of his journey. For anyone else considering the start of their own wellness journey, Stacy says, “To start the journey, you need to make the decision for yourself. The journey is by no means easy; just take it on day at a time. If you fall one day, start the next day over and continue moving forward. Don’t let the possibility of failure keep you from trying. Just do it.”

Wise words from a wise man.
“I recommend C-Fit Studio a 100 times over because they are dedicated to more then just success.”

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