C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Rich C.

Overweight, with elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol, I finally decided to really do something about it. That same day, I saw an ad in the paper for the opening of C-Fit Studio. Met with Connie and told her I needed to be in better shape but did not know where to begin. I needed someone who could adjust to my level or I would just get worn out, discouraged and quit. She said, “No problem”. I met with Jeremy who also said, “No problem”.

With a combination of determined discipline, coaching, education, and enthusiasm, Jeremy has brought me a long way. My results so far? Losing fat, blood pressure dropping, and cholesterol numbers the best in 12 years. Not to mention how much stronger I am, and no longer feel worn out at work at 2 PM.

I’m not where I want to be yet, and still had a good way to go, but the results I’ve gotten so far make me want to see how far I can go.


Improved Posture, Increased Energy, Lower Cholesterol and Increased Flexibility

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