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Meet Rhonda

Like most people, I started personal training with the intent on shedding a few pounds and looking better in my clothes. I never took into consideration the difference it would make in my overall health and how it would make me feel! I have found the real reason for staying in shape through quick 30 minute, highly result driven sessions with trainer Jeremy Oliver at C-FIT Studio!

I began the program with some apprehension because I was having some pretty intense shoulder pain and knee pain. My doctor had ordered X-rays and determined that I had early stages of osteoarthritis in the shoulders and banged up knees from numerous falls from running over the years. She gave me a prescription and mentioned that strength training would be of some benefit. For a while I just resigned myself to the fact “oh well, I’m getting older, it’s just a part of life” and took my meds, stopped running, next to no exercise=result of getting older, feeling older, looking older. Then I saw the picture on the left. A week or so later my size 14 pants would hardly zip! That was it!​

I met with Jeremy Oliver and discussed my situation with my knees and shoulders. The rest is history! Just know that getting older is a part of life, but feeling older is a choice! I choose to move while I can and to feel stronger and younger! The looking better is just the icing on the cake and in the beginning, it was the reason I wanted to work out. I haven’t taken meds since February 2013 and I can’t tell you when my shoulders or knees have hurt. That is reason enough to stay on track! Thanks Jeremy!

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