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Meet Mindy

We all have our bucket list; I remember reading over mine and seeing a line – work with a trainer. Something I’ve wanted to do for years but just couldn’t justify the cost. For my anniversary, I received the gift of 3 months of training.

There is no doubt it was the best gift I’d ever gotten, besides the arrival of my children.I’m a mom, military wife and professional baker, my schedule is chaotic. Many times, it’s like running a circus, but I still made time to hit the gym, after all I wanted to build a better me to keep up and just feel better.

One of my biggest problems was boredom, doing the same thing over and over makes it hard to stay motivated.

I’ve spent the last twelve weeks with Jeremy training. From the start I was enticed. I knew I was going to get what I was looking for – a hard workout and results. I can honestly say in these twelve weeks I have accomplished more with him than the ten months I had spent at my local gym on my own.

My justification came without batting an eyelash, I’ve dropped 2 pant sizes and am happy to say I feel so much better, stronger even.

My clothes fit better and my hard work has paid off and I am able to do things I haven’t in years. I am continuing to run races and progress there as well because my body is becoming stronger!

I find myself making better choices too, without even thinking twice, because I don’t want to ruin what I’ve been building. I’m so glad I got to do this; I look forward to many more months of training.

I would love to see the changes as I continue to transform my body with Jeremy’s help. I only wish I had done this years ago!!

My training has become my “me” time and it motivates me to see what is planned at each session, because it’s always different and FUN!!

In the end its money well spent, after all can we put a price tag on a better you?​

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