C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Luciana

Luciana joined the C-FIT Family back in November 2019, as pictured above to the left. She was “born and raised on Long Island, New York and moved to Suffolk in November 2019. I have family here in Suffolk and decided to make the move for a fresh start.”

“I found C-FIT on Instagram when researching local gyms to join in the area. I started following the gym and Jake (unknowing that he would be my future trainer) months before moving to Suffolk. When I was finally ready to commit to a gym, I contacted C-FIT for a consultation and met Jake.”

Since she has joined our FIT fam, Luciana says, “I have seen significant weight loss since I started working out and find myself not fitting into any of my clothes (they are too big on me now). I also see muscle definition (very little right now – but getting bigger each week!). But most importantly, I am happier and more satisfied with my body, my health, and my life.”

Outside of the gym, she says she is, “happier and learning to love my body more. I try to eat healthier and make more conscious choices before my eating my meals or reaching for a snack. I also feel more confident.”
With regards to how C-FIT has helped Luciana with her weight loss journey, she says, it’s “the personalized one-on-one training. The entire staff knows your name and always say hello when you walk in. It makes you feel like you are walking into a friend’s home and you are always welcome there.”  

So for the newbies to the fitness arena who are still hesitate to begin? Luciana says to tell them to “not be so hard on themselves and focus on the small victories instead of constantly striving for the end goal and feeling like you can’t reach it.”

And last but not least, Luciana, would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?Yes!

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