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Meet Justin

Meet Justin — C-FIT’s class clown that’ll bench you where you stand.
At 6’7”, his presence dominates the room and it’s not because he’s tall. He is genuine, hilarious, and tackles life by the horns, especially as a new father! He’s one of our veteran clients, a joy to have around, and we are delighted to showcase him this month.
Justin grew up in Suffolk. “When all your friends and family live in the city you grew up in, it’s only natural to call Suffolk your home. I operate my Edward Jones Investment Practice here on Main Street. I wanted a gym that I could walk to during lunch and get back to work very quickly. C-FIT’s location is perfect for any professional that works in Downtown Suffolk.”
Since he’s joined the C-FIT Family, “My overall work:life balance has improved. Before starting to go to the gym my overall health was in a downward spiral.
I was having debilitating back problems and the doctor was warning me that I was on the verge of becoming pre-diabetic. Today none of the above is a problem.”
He continues, “As a result going to the gym at lunch time, I’m able to create a morning routine and afternoon routine which allows me to serve my clients at the highest levels possible.” Not to mention his new little boy! Becoming a father has taken this goofy guy and turned him into a power house!
“Jessica is an amazing accountability partner. I’m able to show up to the gym we work out for an hour utilizing every minute of our time together.”
For those just starting on their fitness journeys (or just now taking it seriously), Justin says that it’s important to, “Be honest with yourself be honest with your trainer. Everyone at C-FIT wants you to succeed.”
“I am grateful every day I’m able to come spend an hour working out with Jessica and the rest of the C-FIT family. 
Coming to the gym is honestly the highlight of my week on a regular basis.
Thank you for all that you guys do!!!!!”

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?
I recommend C-FIT to anybody who wants a personalized workout plan with love and laughter.

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