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Meet Jordan

Meet Jordan!  He’s one of our newest members, but the way he fits in, you’d think he’s been here since day one.  We’re excited to welcome him into the C-FIT family, and look forward to helping him reach his fitness potential.And it turns out, he likes to talk! =P  Thank you, Jordan!!!

Where are you from/how did you come to live in Suffolk? I was born and raised in Weyers Cave, VA (small town located right outside of Harrisonburg, VA).  I have been living in Suffolk since May because I got a job as a Forester with the Virginia Department of Forestry for the counties of Suffolk, Isle of Wight, and Southampton.

How did you learn about C-FIT?  What made you visit for the first time? I had walked pass C-FIT many times after I moved to downtown Suffolk, but I had a membership at the YMCA and didn’t really think too much about it.  After talking with a local about how I had become feeling disinterested working out and was tired of the same old routine, they told me about C-FIT and how different it was from the average gym.  I decided that I wanted something new and more challenging, so I cancelled my YMCA membership and called to set up an appointment with James (C-FIT Trainer).

What changes have you seen since working out at C-FIT?I have only been working out at C-FIT for about a month and a half now, but I have already noticed a lot of changes.  For starters, I have already toned up and tightened my core thanks to the KAOS and Fit Core classes.  Also, my stamina has increased tremendously since my first few classes.  Starting out I had a hard time keeping up with everyone else and was constantly worried about not finishing the workout before the end of the class.  The trainers are still pushing me above and beyond what I ever thought I would be able to handle, but now I am able to push through and finish the workout much better than before. 

What changes in your life (outside the gym) have you noticed since you’ve been training at C-FIT? The biggest change I have noticed is my confidence level in my social and work life.  I feel and look better, which means I enjoy going out more and meeting new people (something that is hard to do when you have just recently moved to a new area.).  Also, I am a Wildland Firefighter, so it is really important that I stay physically fit and be fit enough to carry a lot of weight while hiking for extended periods of time.  Thanks to C-FIT I know that I can be pushed past my limit and can handle whatever is thrown at me.

What do you think separates C-FIT from other gyms/fitness studios in the area?Many things separate C-FIT from your average gym.  The most obvious answer is the guidance from the personal trainers.  Not only do they push you in ways that you could never push yourself, but they are there to make sure that your form is correct and that you really are making progress on your overall health.  When you are working out on your own it is easy to skip leg day or half ass a workout because you’re just not feeling it that day.

At C-FIT, you leave each workout knowing that you gave it your all and that you are incorporating every muscle, not just a select few. Another way that C-FIT is different is that no other “average” gym has a sense of family like this one does.  You start to really get to know and bond with the trainers and other class members. Now I have a hard time imagining working out without them.  It makes the experience more fun and challenging because you push each other to do better and you are genuinely happy to see each other succeed (even though you can get pretty competitive with each other every now and then). 

What would you suggest to someone just starting out on their fitness journey? JUST DO IT!  No matter what age or fitness level you are at, there is no better time to start than now!  Deciding that I wanted to be my best self and healthy has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life.  Stop saying that you’re going to start working out eventually or that you’re waiting for the New Year to make some changes.  DO IT NOW!

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance? Yes, without a doubt.  Whenever I talk to my friends or family I feel like I bring up C-FIT in some way. They have noticed that I am more fit and it inspires them to make some changes in their life. 

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