C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Jimmi

Meet Jimmi.  Jimmi has been a member of C-FIT Studio for more than three years, establishing herself as a regular and a solid part of the C-FIT family.

Since Jimmi has been coming to C-FIT, she has lost 25 pounds.  “I was a size 12 when I started and now I’m a size 6.”  Her efforts involved regular small-group classes, attending class 4-5 days each week over the last three years.  And anyone who joins class with her knows that she enjoys a challenge and pushing herself.  “My husband says that this is the best money he spends every month,” she says.

And while Jimmi cherishes a lavish lifestyle and enjoys going out to eat with her husband on weekly dates and living it up on the weekend, “I really think working out here has made me not want to eat junk food or bad food because you don’t want to.  I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ll ruin everything,’ and so I don’t.”

In addition to physical results and outcomes, Jimmi, who is originally from Connecticut, says that since she’s joined C-FIT, “Everybody around me says that I’m a nicer person.  I was never really a person who talked to people.  I’m a Yankee by heart, you know, and we don’t talk to people,” she laughs, “But it’s made me happier.  I’ve made some real friends.”

And during the actual workouts, “I need someone to be like, ‘Do this; okay, now do this; now, do a heavier weight; no, do it like this,’ and I get that here.  It’s really nice.  You don’t get that [at other gyms].”

What would you recommend to someone just getting started into the fitness world? “I’d tell them to come to this gym. I tell them to come here because if they have questions, the trainers are right there for you to ask.  You’re not alone.”

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend or stranger? “Absolutely, yes.  I do and I have.”

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