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Meet Jeff R

Jeff came to C-FIT Studio via his wife Vickie suggesting that he join her in our Yoga classes. Since then, he’s seen significant improvement, has been bitten by a tick, and has had to re-learn overall movement with help from Connie. Here’s his story.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Jeff grew up just outside of New York City, finding himself in Suffolk in his search for a small town life, buying an existing optometry practice back in 1978.

After Jeff had made some significant gains in his flexibility, he started training with Connie. “After about a year attending C-FIT with the personal training and Yoga, I was bit by a tick while cutting grass in my front yard. I developed a rare illness (Acute Inflammatory Polyneuropathy) that paralyzed me from the waist down and partially from the waist up. I was told I would eventually recover but it would take a long time (more than two and a half years). If I did not workout my muscles and develop muscle memory, I may never recover. I was in a wheelchair unable to walk. I was sent to rehab for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. In January of this year, I was able to use a walker and no longer met the requirements for PT and OT. I had them coordinate with C-FIT and my wife began taking me to Yoga and personal training again. I was told by my doctors and therapists that I was starting out at zero again and to never say, “I used to be able to…” Essentially, I was starting out like a baby.

“Starting in January at C-FIT, I could not lift my foot over a one-inch step. I could not get up off the floor without help. By February/March, I was off the walker and the cane. By the end of April, I was off the cane and walking, albeit a bit unsteady, on my own. I can now get up from the floor on my own. I am now constantly improving although it is by tiny, tiny amounts every day. With C-FIT, I did this all before ending year one, which was ahead of schedule.

“Connie is able to evaluate me every session and design a specific workout and homework that I have to do to improve at every session. I am able to go upstairs on my own. I am able to step up on curbs on my own. I am able to drive now. I still have a long way to go, but I am more independent and my wife can leave me knowing I can better care for myself.

“If you are just starting out, I would recommend an evaluation at C-FIT and then have an on-going plan for health mapped out. Everyone has different needs and the individual attention is needed for a successful plan. THAT is the expertness at C-FIT.”

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