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Meet Jeff C, “the Ratifier”

Meet Jeff Colley!  Jeff has been one of rockstar personal training clients since December 2015, and has since blossomed into one amazing individual.  He is a Hampton Roads native, a Suffolk local, and a fabulous real estate agent that has helped more than one of us here at C-FIT buy or sell our homes

Since working out at C-FIT, “I have built muscles, grown stronger, more physically fit, and overall healthier.  Training is more than just going to a gym, and lifting weights.  There is proper technique and form to consider, and this was a major thing that improves through working with James.”

Outside of the gym, “I have participated in numerous Spartan races, several 5k runs, and 8k run, and even a 50k run. Otherwise, I feel more confident, and have more stamina to work and play longer in general.”
And boy, is he modest.  That 50k that he so casually mentions was just recently dominated at an excellent pace, with nothing but a 5k race under his belt for previous racing experience.  A Warrior, to be sure!

“It’s the personal relationships with the staff in general, and with my trainer James, in particular [that separates C-FIT from other gyms].  We focus on the type of training that helps me meet my fitness goals. I’m more than just a number.  I also really enjoy and appreciate the Spartan-focused training on Saturdays.”

As for some tips, Jeff reminds us all that “it is important to have short and long term goals, and it’s important to work with a partner to help you reach your goals.  There is enormous value in working with a well qualified trainer to push you to reach your fitness goals, while learning and using proper technique and form.”
Wow, Jeff, well said!  Goals and partnering for accountability are two of the major keys to success, not only in fitness, but in life!

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?”I definitely recommend C-FIT. I started at C-FIT because of the opportunity to train in a different way, which has been great.  Additionally, it’s the relationship and the partnership, and continued results that are reasons I stay.”

We’re glad you’re here and a part of our C-FIT family, Jeff.  You’ve become good friends with all of us.  We’re proud of everything you’ve achieved and can’t wait to watch what else you manage to do!

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