C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Jean

A Virginia Beach native, our Dietitian Jean Maxwell found herself moving to Suffolk more than a decade ago along with her husband “in search of a quieter life on a nice piece of land. I was also working at the hospital here, and wanted to live closer to my job.”

“I learned about C-FIT when it first opened. Connie and I used to teach Zumba together at another facility, and when they restructured and laid off its instructors, Connie asked me to follow her to C-FIT to teach Zumba classes and serve as a nutrition consultant, and so I did. With a free membership as part of the package, I couldn’t resist!”

Despite already being a fitness junkie, Jean has seen some significant changes since actively pursuing her strength goals with C-FIT Studio. Already petite, she says, “C-FIT has definitely given me a more creative viewpoint for doing workouts, along with consistency and structure which I was previously lacking. Since working one-on-one with Jessica in particular, over the past three months, I have seen major improvements in my strength and muscle tone. She makes working out fun but also pushes me to work harder and not give up on myself.” (Fun fact: Following a vegan/vegetarian diet since her youth, she is living proof how well a body can build muscle and stamina with plants. While not the only lifestyle option, it is certainly a valid one. Jessica is blown away by how fast Jean has progressed in strength.)

Since the change-up in her routine, Jean has noticed “definitely have more energy in my day-to-day life, a little more confidence, and a more positive body image.

“C-FIT is really unique in its functional and individualized approach to fitness. Instead of being left to your own devices, the trainers and instructors are focused on you, helping you get the most out of your workouts.”
Jean is one of us; she works directly with our clients who need a little more hands-on, personalized nutritional guidance, and is excellent at what she does, regardless of the dietary lifestyle choices desired. She is very much a part of why and how we here at C-FIT does what she says we do with functional and individualized approaches. We love having her as a part of not only our C-FIT Family but our C-FIT Team!

For the noobs, Jean had some pretty wise insight that folks tend to forget about when starting a new routine: enjoyment:

I think the most important thing is to find workouts that you enjoy doing, whether it is spinning or weight lifting. When exercising is fun, you are more likely to stick to it consistently and therefore get the most benefit from it. At the same time, challenging yourself is also important so that you don’t get bored or stuck in a rut.”

So Jean. You’re one of us, but would you recommend C-FIT independently to a friend/acquaintance? “100%. Absolutely. And I have!”

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