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Meet Jack

This month’s Client Spotlight is something rather awesome, not only because of the results this person has thus far experienced, but his age!

Say hello to Jack.  Jack is a 16-year-old local baseball athlete, the son of one of our client couples, and has really taken to heart what it means to be healthy.  He is a man of few words (as most young folks are!), but they are wonderful and profound to hear from one so young.

Where are you from/how did you come to live in Suffolk?”I was born in Portsmouth.  We moved to Suffolk when I was 5 years old to be closer to my Dad’s restaurants.”

How did you learn about C-FIT?”C-FIT is on the same block as Baron’s.”
What changes have you seen since working out at C-FIT?”My mom was interested in checking it out.  She went one day and we all started working out as a family with James.”

What changes in your life (outside the gym) have you noticed since you’ve been training at C-FIT?”I am definitely stronger and faster.”

What do you think separates C-FIT from other gyms/fitness studios in the area?”C-FIT offers personal training and classes.  The biggest difference for me is that they offer nutrition classes as well.  My mom did the 21-Day Detox and encouraged me last August to try the TNT Total Needs Transformation plan.  In the class, I learned about what is really in the food we eat, and healthier options.  Even though it was a 3-week plan, I have continued to make healthier choices in the foods that I eat.  Since August, I have lost 40 pounds.”  (Go Jack!)
What would you suggest to someone just starting out on their fitness journey?”Just to start and not give up.  It doesn’t happen in a day.  It takes time.

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?  Yes

It is absolutely wonderful to have these philosophies of working hard, staying consistent, and being knowledgeable about food instilled in our youth.  We are happy and humbled to have been a part of Jack’s journey so far, are proud of his progress, and look forward to seeing how far he can go and what he can achieve!

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