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Meet Inga

Meet Inga, the Latvian diva!

Inga is a wonderfully fun and goofy member of our C-FIT family. Born and raised in DC with Latvian roots, she moved to Suffolk to work as “an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Phil Ferguson because my law school roommate Nancy Parr kept telling me Suffolk was the best place in the world.”

Inga found her way to C-FIT Studio via her doctor when he sent her for an evaluation. “The location was close to work and he encouraged me by saying they were not just a gym.  He was right.”

Since training with C-FIT Studio, “The main change is I have regained self confidence.  I wake up every day ready to go – to get moving, to go walking, to drive the hour to Suffolk for my exercise because I have found myself again.  I am the person I was over 35 years ago.”

“I have gotten stronger not just in my muscles but also in keeping my balance,  and preventing falls. Physically, I think I am a beast.  Mentally, I am happier than I have been in a long time.”

Outside of the gym, Inga says that she “can walk for miles, literally.  I can garden again.  I am able to get out and do things physically with confidence.  I am conscious of my body movements and how to lift, push, pick up things, and turn without hurting myself. I have a myriad of health problems, including a broken back.  I say YES to so much that I used to say NO to.”

Inga continues: “The passion of the trainers [is what separates C-FIT from other gyms in the area].  They live what they do, but more important they live to see CHANGE and they commit to your change 150%.

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