C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Frank

A relatively new client to C-FIT Studio, he is a native of the Franklin/Courtland area, and has worked in Suffolk for the last 28 years.  On the weekends, he spends his time as a pastor at Waves of Grace Church in Courtland, and is working hard at joining C-FIT’s Spartan Race team, the C-FIT Warriors.  A hard worker and an all-around great guy, he has been a wonderful addition to the culture here at C-FIT.

“I learned about C-FIT while trying to find a personal trainer here in Suffolk on the web.  I’ve been a member of every fitness facility in the Suffolk/Franklin area and they were not meeting the needs I had to reach my personal goals.  I needed that expert interaction with a place/person who knew how to get me to the place where I could achieve my goals.”

Since working out at C-FIT, Frank has noticed feeling “better on a daily basis (physically and mentally).  Stress levels have decreased, and you feel better about yourself in general.”

Outside of gym life, he’s “been able to get more things done at work and at home because the energy levels picked up tremendously.  My eating habits have changed for the better as I watch what I eat more than ever before, and I have been able to pass that knowledge onto my family.”

“The people/trainers and owner all work together for your well being.  The trainers are great PEOPLE not just trainers; they treat you like family, and their knowledge of the way the body works and how you should work to achieve your personal goals is amazing.  In a world that has become so impersonal, C-FIT is a place where you feel welcome, encouraged, and you feel good about yourself when you leave.”

For the newbies, Frank suggests: “Learn from someone that knows what they are doing.  I have spent 35 years of my life lifting weights and thought I knew what I was doing until I met Jessica (when I met Jessica, I thought, ‘What in the world is she going to show me about how to lift weights?’ Boy, was I wrong).  Her knowledge of how the body works and how I should work out to achieve my goals was just what I needed.  And yes, guys, she is a powerhouse of a trainer; I am NOT disappointed at all.”

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?” Absolutely.  I have recommended Jessica several times in the last four months.”

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