C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Ella & Jim

Meet Ella and Jim! Only one of C-FIT’s Studio Couples, these guys have been members of C-FIT’s small group classes since year one. Ella is a Hampton Roads native, and chose Suffolk for the rural setting, while her counterpart, Jim, hails from Canada and bounces over the border frequently with work.

Jim is what I like to, and often do, call a “tree trunk of a man” during our small group classes.  An active individual, Ella joined C-FIT years ago to get fit and keep up with Jim who was, as she says, “running, lifting, hockeying all the time.  He follows me around…”  Ha!  Accountability partners are some of the best means of success.

Since joining C-FIT, they have both experienced “more energy, more patience…the urge to make people get out of my way on the way to workout…” (Ella).  And outside of the gym, Jim says he’s had more energy and focus.  These two thrive on the interactions with the other studio members, the “friendly competition, no screaming youngin’s, and creative fun workouts.”

For the newbies, they recommend: “Don’t get discouraged.  It will get easier, you will get more coordinated and stronger; it is actually fun and in all likelihood, you will not die.” 

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance? “Of course!”

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