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Meet Donna & Logan

Donna and Logan are a mother-son duo who have been working hard and kicking butt and have GREAT advice and a good story! Check these guys out!***A born-and-raised Hampton native, Donna returned to Suffolk after a stint in Texas with her son. After settling back into life in the 757, Donna “decided it was time to make a change. When I first talked to someone [at C-FIT], I explained that I needed someone to take control and tell me what to do. I had been going to the gym on my own for a couple of years with little success. The initial conversation got me excited about the prospects and it seemed like a great value.” And Logan, having seen his mom get on her health for about 4-6 months, decided to join in. “I was in a seriously poor physical shape,” he says. “I hated working out, but after deciding to go just one time, I enjoyed it so much that it became a regular thing.”

Since training at C-FIT Studio, both have seen “tons!!!” of results and changes in their lives both inside and outside the gym.

“Aside from going from a size 18/20 (2x) to a 14 (large),” says Donna, “I have become an overall healthier and happier person.  For the first time in 23 years, I am not limited to shopping in plus size stores. I can do things physically that I never thought I would be able to do! I had zero confidence in my physical fitness when I started this journey. Today, I am always excited to try new things and even show off what I can do! I no longer eat fast food crap on a regular basis and when I do my body completely rejects it. I have become more aware of what my body needs and wants which has helped me change my lifestyle.”

As for Logan, he says that he sees, “Immense physical and mental changes for the positive. I sleep better, I feel better, I can do more things on a regular bases, I look better; everything. It has done so much for me! In total, I’ve lost almost 80 pounds at C-FIT.”

“I consistently feel better,” he continues. “Everything I do is easier; I never feel like anything is extremely hard. Getting up out of a computer chair is instant! I don’t feel like an old man because I have to carry so much weight around with me. It has improved my mental health, too, as I’ve gained a lot of confidence since seeing the physical appearance changes.”

Outside results specifically, Donna says that “C-FIT is so much more personal [than traditional gym settings]. It really feels like a family. I am not worried about what people are going to think of me and never hesitate to ask questions. Everyone at C-FIT is always willing to jump in and help and truly want to see their clients reach their goals and beyond.”

The trainers genuinely care about your health,” says Logan. “It is not a job to them; it’s a lifestyle. Each and every one of them is a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to talk to, even coming from an introverted individual like myself.”

And lastly, both mother and son have similar advice for the newbies out there:
Don’t give up.

Per Donna: “Don’t quit!!! It will not always be easy and there will be times where you don’t think it is working and you will wonder why you are doing this. Trust me, it is working!!!! It is during those times that you will see the most gains if you simply push through. Change takes time and is about more than what you see on the outside. Through this journey, you must also change what is on the inside!”

Per Logan: “Don’t give up. Ever. Some days, it will feel like everything you do just isn’t worth it – but it definitely is. You will have some days that you perform great, and some days that you can’t do things you normally do. You can overcome that, though. DO NOT GIVE UP. EVER.”

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?Donna: “Absolutely!”Logan: “Absolutely. I’ve already recommended it to a few!”

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