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Meet Clay

Meet Clay White, president of local Suffolk dealership and family business, STARR MOTORS, Inc. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with my family and many fine employees ever since I can remember.”

A Suffolk native, Clay found his way to C-FIT Studio via his wife. He began his journey with one of C-FIT’s former trainers, Jeremy Oliver, before he moved away. Clay had been going to Infinity Rehab and Fitness for years, but their scheduling wasn’t stable enough or convenient enough for Clay’s busy schedule.

Since joining the C-FIT Family, Clay says, “There have been many changes to my body, my mind and my lifestyle since I started with C-FIT. I originally started working out with Jeremy and he was more into weight training and muscle building.  Now, since Jeremy left, I’ve been working out with Connie and she is constantly changing our routines and is more focus on the wellbeing of one’s body, and we do a lot of cross training.
“And gosh,” he continues, “Connie is always quick with conversational instruction which I call my ‘mind training.'”

Clay is the definition of a small town “good ol’ boy.” He shows up, works hard, keeps us on our toes, and is always quick to throw out a joke. It is a refreshing mix that reminds us here at C-FIT how much we really love what we do. Our C-FIT family wouldn’t be the same without Clay White.

He continues: “I think what separates C-FIT from the rest is its staff of wonderful people. I would definitely recommend C-FIT to a friend or anyone starting out on their fitness journey.
This year of coronavirus has been very hard on everyone and the crew at C-fit has been able to keep us all clean and safe. Thank you.”

For any of you looking for a car, Clay is an amazing professional who can get you riding in style. Check out his dealership the next time you’re in the market for some new wheels.
Thank YOU for being a breath of fresh air, Clay, and for honoring us with your partnership towards your health and fitness!

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