C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Casey

Casey is one of our long-time C-FIT family members and a local here in Suffolk, born and bred.
“As a Suffolk native, I’ve always spent time downtown visiting local restaurants and shops. I always saw the sign outside and would look inside the windows while I walked by, but never thought much about it. I was working in Norfolk at the time and my commute didn’t allow me to make it to the gym consistently, so I decided to look into C-FIT. I came to the conclusion that I HAD to do something with my exercise routine and decided to try a 2-week trial. As a former college athlete,I loved the class structure and signed up immediately!
Casey adds a hilarious aspect to our classes, and provides a really awesome aspect to the fitness world that people don’t always highlight: not on what you lose when you workout, but what you gain.

She says, “I’m certainly not one of the clients that can boast about major weight loss…I blame it on my support of our local restaurants and Chick-fil-a! I can say it improves my mental health drastically. I always feel so much better after workouts and the structure/routine that it provides in my life.”

Outside the C-FIT family, Casey is growing her own! “A major change in my life currently is that I’m 33 weeks pregnant. I can’t say enough how appreciative of Connie and the team’s assistance with making sure certain movements have been okay during these last number of months. Staying active and moving during my pregnancy has been very important to me, and it probably wouldn’t have mattered as much if I wasn’t engaged with C-FIT. Even during this pandemic, I’ve tried to consistently join virtually and take advantage of the videos that have been posted on the YouTube channel.”

She continues: “Other gyms may have more space and equipment, but they don’t compare to the personalization that C-FIT offers. It’s actually amazing the creativity that Connie and the team use when it comes to their space and use of equipment. I’ve also seen first hand how much they care about their client’s nagging injuries or assisting with perfecting a certain move–you just can’t find that at other places.”

If you’re wanting to get started, Casey says, “Just do it and make it a priority. Don’t worry about your skill or fitness level; C-FIT will meet you where you’re at!”

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance? Absolutely, and definitely have!

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