C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Calvin

Calvin is one of our younger clients, in his mid-teens, and plays basketball at a local high school.  He has been training with James for the last several months, is a bit quiet, very humble, and holds the future in his hands.
Moving here from Baltimore after he was born, Calvin discovered C-FIT when he and his father were trying to find a personal trainer to help perfect his athletic abilities.

Since coming to C-FIT, Calvin says, “I am jumping way higher and I am much stronger than I was before.”  Beyond his strength and improved athletic ability (for y’all should seriously see this boy jump!), he is even experiencing — and sharing! — benefits outside of the gym.

“I have a better personality,” he says, “and I encourage others more about their health.”

“[The trainers at C-FIT] are very friendly and push you like never before.  It’s a very different world.  There are no games; just work!”

For the newbies, Calvin suggests “to keep working on their fitness and try your best on your fitness journey.”
So tell us, Calvin: Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?

“Yes.  I have before; I told one of my teammates about C-FIT and he goes there now… Just keep doing what you’re doing.  Just keep pushing me to be the best and reach my goals.” 

Thank you for humbling us with the opportunity to help you grow and perform, Calvin!  We love having you as a part of our C-FIT family and OCR/Spartan group!

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