C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Brooke

Brooke has been with us here at C-FIT Studio for the last several years, almost as long as we’ve been open! Her spunk is an integral part of our culture and spirit here at C-FIT Studio and is the source of the pasture-raised eggs you can find here (when her chickens are behaving). She’s a homesteader, a workout warrior, a hiker, a dog lover, and an adventure seeker. Here is her testimony. We are proud to know and work with you, Brooke!

“[The] military brought me to Suffolk, Virginia. I had lived in Suffolk for no more than a few months when I began to notice the gym downtown. I was sick and tired. I was a smoker and wasn’t very familiar with how to take care of my body properly. I thought working out could fix me. Alone it didn’t. However, my whole life changed and was enriched by my journey at C-FIT. They collectively taught me how to properly take care of my body.

“Most other gyms around just offered me a typical weight loss program that involves calorie restriction and exercise. I was looking for more than that. Breathing workshops, meal prep workshops, essential.oil demonstrations, detox packages, CBD workshops, and many other resources were constantly available for me to improve my quality of life outside of exercise.

“I not only learned how to get results from exercise but I learned how to truly enjoy exercise and challenging myself and my body. I would highly recommend C-FIT to anyone who is serious about their goals and wants their money to be spent wisely. I walked in with no energy, still smoking a pack of cigarettes a day feeling like I couldn’t walk a mile.

“With the trainers at C-FIT, all you have to do is show up. As long as you continue to show up you will get results, or at least I did.

“Out of all of the many ways C-FIT has enriched my life, the best has been the new group of friends and a sense of community that the studio stresses. It’s great to feel a part of something awesome and powerful. I truly feel like C-FIT has changed my life for the better.”

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