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Meet Bonnie

Meet Bonnie! Bonnie has been a part of our C-FIT Family for years and is SUCH a motivator – even to us! She’s such a go-getter, comes here for corrective and strength training and does Cross-fit on her own time! We are proud to be a part of her wellness journey as she attacks her health and fitness with a vigor not often seen today.

While she lives in Hampton but works here in Suffolk. “I enjoy the friendliness of Suffolk and some of the local mom and pop shops are fantastic.”

Bonnie found her way to C-FIT Studio after “meeting [another of our clients] who said I would love it and she was right! I came to C-FIT looking for some help with my posture and squat depth.” Since she’s been a part of our family, “my posture has improved and I can now squat below parallel. My overall flexibility has improved and I am stronger in the squat.”

Outside the gym, “my overall strength and endurance have improved as well as being more flexible. I like to stand up straight and even bought a standup desk to keep myself corrected throughout my day.”
“C-FIT offers one-on-one client care. The client is taught to move correctly and efficiently throughout their workouts. Jessica has the best attitude you could get for a trainer. Jessica will cheer you on every step of the way. You may curse but you will definitely come back for more.”

This is all well and good, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. For the newbies, or those hesitating to get started, Bonnie suggests, “that if you are new to fitness, get a trainer let someone keep you accountable and let them show you what you should be doing so that your fitness journey stays healthy and on track. Also, if you struggle with nutrition, seek out someone who will teach what you should be eating.” (Like C-FIT’s dietitian Jean Maxwell!)

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?” I am C-FIT’s biggest cheerleader. I recommend C-FIT to coworkers and anyone that I know that lives in Suffolk. Let them show you a better version of you with their encouragement and knowledge to keep you healthy and vibrant no matter what age you are!”

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