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Meet Beth

Meet Beth Harris!  She moved here from Indiana 19 years before when she changed jobs, which resulted in her driving past C-FIT daily.”I was ready for a big change of the physical fitness kind and knew I couldn’t / wouldn’t do it on my own.  Being an athlete in my younger years, I missed that feeling of being active.”  Since joining C-FIT Studio and working directly with James Fiorella, she says, “OH MY!!! Physically I am so much stronger, emotionally I am in a much better place.  C-FIT has come to feel like home, like I belong there.”

Outside of the gym, she has subsequently adjusted her eating habits and her attitude has improved, and best of all, she is not afraid to try new things.  Last year, she joined James and Jessica in the SPARTAN obstacle/endurance races and did great!

*(In fact! She’s already signed up to achieve the Spartain TRIFECTA this year in 2017! Go Beth!)”The personal care you receive [is what separates C-FIT from other gyms/fitness studios].  Everyone knows your name and they are happy you are there.”

For someone just starting out to fitness, she’d tell them that C-FIT “isn’t just a place to go for the New Years fitness craze.  You need to be in it for the long haul.  Change takes time and there are going to be good times and bad times, but C-FIT will be there through it all.  The important thing is that you have to keep showing up.”

Would you recommend C-FIT to a friend/acquaintance?  “Absolutely and I have.”

She continues, “I like the smallness of the studio.  I get to show up, work hard and I’m pushed beyond my limits.  No fluff.  I feel so lucky to have an amazing trainer, who knows how to get me beyond what my mind thinks I can’t do.”

“My thoughts:  C-FIT is a small, personal studio.  This isn’t a “big box”
gym and anyone showing up expecting that, is in for a big surprise.  I
truly wish I had more time in my day, so that I could join in on other

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