C-FIT Studio Recipes

Jess’s Breakfast Beans

The above is a (poor quality) standard photo of a sample of Jess’s breaksfasts (they vary). Three eggs, a host of veggies, the occasional bacon (life’s short – eat the bacon. Yar!), but the focus here are the beans. Simple, fun, and surprisingly delicious.


1 can cannelini (or great northern) beans



Garlic powder


Rinse and pat-dry the beans.  Put them dry into a skillet with above spices and cook on medium-high until skins get crispy. Keep the fan on, because they can smoke if you use too much garlic powder!

Excellent with breakfast or as an after-workout snack!

Tip: Replacing toast or hash browns with these beans are a great way to sneak in some extra fiber, protein, and even some carbs (read: energy) without spiking the blood sugar.

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