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It’s Deeper than Calories, Feb 2021

The adage for weight-loss is this: consume less calories than you expend, and you’ll lose weight. The ol’ calories in vs. calories out.

While true in the basest of senses (and we mean, TRULY basic), TOO MANY folks find that, no matter their efforts of increased activity, exercise, and alterations to their diets, either 1) they’ve hit a plateau and can’t break it, or 2) IT’S NOT WORKING.

Did you know your weight/health is DIRECTLY influenced by your level of stresssleeplessnessinflammation from either food intolerances, allergies, or toxic load from both internal sources (cortisol from the aforementioned stress) and external sources (cleaning supplies, deodorants, soaps, detergents, etc.)?


FAR too many people discredit the above. MANAGING STRESS and SLEEPING WELL are vital to achieving optimal health and weight loss. Struggling? Talk to us.

BUT! Sometimes that’s NOT the case. Sometimes, the reasons for our stalled results come at a deeper level.

When you find that you are doing everything “right,” but nothing’s working, look INSIDE. Especially today, many folks are struggling not with too many calories or lack of activity (though it is its own pandemic), but with HORMONAL imbalances, adrenal fatiguesleeplessness (thereby increasing the adrenal fatigue), and an imbalanced gut microbiome (where serotonin [joy hormone], melatonin [sleep hormone], and immunity reside).

Don’t despair. The unfortunate reality is that this is an issue throughout the globe. The fortunate thing about this is that, because of its prevalence, we’ve learned how to address it, correct it, and help overcome it.

Enter C-FIT Studio’s Functional Nutrition Program. This program is too in-depth for me to summarize it here quickly, but it is designed SPECIFICALLY to identify what is going on in your body; why and how it does the things it does, and address how to remedy your challenges so that success and optimal health are attainable. Without addressing these underlying issues, you are climbing uphill against an avalanche, and most success will be temporary at best.

Don’t let your stalled results derail your efforts. You are not a failure because you have some deeper things to address. WE CAN HELP. Let us help. Jiminey Cricket, especially in today’s world, we all need a little help.

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