C-FIT Studio Success Stories

Meet Bill & Annette

Bill and Annette are two of our most consistent members, and although there are several other seniors who attend, they are one of few senior couples to frequent
C-FIT Studio. They laugh, work hard, inspire, and have certainly ingrained themselves as a solid part of the culture here at CFIT Studio.

Bill grew up near Charlottesville, while Annette hailed from the Eastern Shore. 33 years ago, they found their way to Suffolk via Bill’s job, and it was through Bill’s boss that the Baileys discovered C-FIT Studio.

A few weeks after Bill became a member of C-FIT, Annette “decided to try some classes as a way to get out of my comfort zone.” With new grandchildren,they both realized their flexibility (“getting up and down off the floor”), as well as their strength, needed improvement. “Both of us are much stronger and for Bill, the aches and pains he had in his knees and other joints have diminished considerably.”

“The small class size and personal attention are bonuses. I have some limitations due to an injury 10 years ago, but there is always a way for me to do almost any exercise. Exercises are modified and there is lots of support and encouragement. We both take numerous classes throughout the week. We do have to make time for exercise.Start small and do what is comfortable, then see where it takes you.” Although neither of them have caused a large “Wow!” reaction by their friends, their newfound activity has helped them and they “know how good we feel about what we are doing.”

“We would definitely recommend C-FIT to our friends as well as newcomers to Suffolk. Again, thesupport and personal attention from the staff separates C-FIT from other gyms.”

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