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Inside Your Core Workshop

Everyone knows about the abs. Everyone chases that defined mid-section or that 6-pack, 4-pack, or whatever-pack we can get.

But is it really all about the abs?

The abdominal muscles are the major component of the muscles that make up our core, but the CORE is so much MORE. Think “shoulders to hips, front to back, all the important parts of the body.”

At our Inside Your Core workshop, you’ll learn what it means to properly engage your core, your abdominals, and how to strengthen it in a way that will enhance your performance and even decrease chronic issues and pain due to postural distortions.

The core is so much more than just your abs, and it is one of the MOST important parts of the body to strengthen. Join us at our next workshop and lets get you feeling and knowing what having a “strong core” and “strong abs” really means.


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