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Do I Eat That? Fad Diets Explained

Eat eggs! Eat meat! Go vegan! Eat dairy! Avoid gluten!

No, ignore all that, just cut out carbs. No, don’t cut out carbs; fat’s the enemy. No, fat isn’t the enemy. Sugar is. Just eat a bunch of protein! But wait, too much can overwork the kidneys.


We all know how confusing FAD Diets can be. But that’s because they are typically based on small bits of data that don’t take science into account. Many have little bits of truth, but together, they just make up a bunch of mess.

Grandma had it right all along y’all. It isn’t about any one “diet” you follow. It’s about eating the diet YOUR body wants, and being consistent. (Note: “diet” meaning the food you eat, not A “diet,” and “wants” meaning physical needs, not emotional desires. Dang, you thought it was going to be a one-and-done, didn’t you? Nope; sorry; not how real-life works. If it did, we’d just be another FAD diet.)

Join us at our next FAD Diet workshop and let our dietitian point you in the right direction. It can be challenging to muddle through the mess, but don’t worry. We’re wading in there with you, and don’t worry: we have skimmers to claw out the muck.


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