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Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Workshop

Got joints or muscles giving a fit? Can’t stop rubbing your shoulders, or feeling a weird pull in your knee only in some positions?

Trigger points are all over the body, and while the muscles naturally braid and knot together, sometimes they can get a little carried away. Did you know that sometimes chronic headaches can be due to tight traps? Did you know your low back pain could be due to tight shoulders or a frozen t-spine (your mid-back)? Did you know that the weird pain you have radiating down the front of you arm could actually have something to do with the muscle beneath your shoulder blade and not your arm itself?

The body is a neat thing; we’re all pieces and parts wedged together, and it’s amazing how well it works despite the rough treatment we often give it!

That said, TRIGGER POINTS are often the result of poor posture or negligence that can result in dull, achy, possibly chronic discomfort found in the shoulders, legs, neck, or back (and more). If unaddressed, they can lead to injury to the belief in a need for surgery (when the issue could be remedied just by calming down those muscle knots!).


Now, while trigger points aren’t fun, the cool part about ’em is that we can soothe them away. With the right techniques, you can calm those trigger points, get them to stop pulling on different muscles and joints, and help your body move the way it should.

One common technique is called myofascial release (MFR) or self-myofascial release (SMR, where you do it yourself). At our SMR Workshop, we will teach you about how trigger points negatively affect the body and how to PROPERLY address them. It isn’t just a matter of throwing yourself onto a foam roller and gritting your teeth until you can’t stand it. Without proper technique, you can cause other issues in attempts to remedy the main issue.

Keep a lookout for our next SMR workshop, and let us arm you with a vital tool to help you recover from workouts, avoid excessive soreness, and improve your movement!


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