C-FIT Studio Special Events

Binja Warrior Fundraiser

What goes together better than beer, running, and cardio?

Nothing! We thought so too!

This is a hilariously fun challenge and fundraiser, hosted between C-FIT Studio and Nansemond Brewing Station, that combines the love of fitness with the love of brewskis.

We’ll start at C-FIT Studio and make our way through a sweat session, ending at Nansemond Brewing Station for a finisher that will be sure to make us earn our beer while we workout WITH our beer!

…we hope you have a solid stomach!

Join us for our next Binja Warrior and get’s get you binging* and warrior-ing in style.

(*ahem… y’all know what we mean. Got to keep it healthy, and binging sure ain’t the way, but… yeah, you know. :-P)


***NEXT EVENT: Saturday, November 4, 2023. Early Registration $25. Register Here! ***

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