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30-Day Plant-Based Challenge

As more and more folks explore a plant-based lifestyle, it becomes imperative to ensure that you are adopting a PROPER plant-based diet.

It isn’t just a matter of eliminating the meat, dairy, butter, and other animal byproducts. You can ABSOLUTELY get enough macro- and micro-nutrients (including protein!) in a plant-based diet, but it DOES take more forethought in order to avoid malnutrition.

Join us at our next Plant-Based Challenge to learn the ins and out of eating a “vegan” diet. Eating plant-based (or mostly plant-based) is an excellent way to strengthen the health of your body. This challenge is for vegans and meat-eaters alike for those looking for a little more guidance and different recipes to mix up their standard diet.

In this challenge, you can expect to receive regular, daily updates and motivation, as well as engage in an interactive online community, with check-ins, as well as a follow-up workshop at the end of the challenge. You won’t just be given the manual and told, “Good luck.” Eating plant-based is a great, healthy way to eat, but because it does require more forethought, we intend to walk with you through this challenge day-by-day. We even make up the menu and recipes for you! All you got to do is show up, make the food, and stick with the plan.

We’ll see you at the next challenge!

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