C-FIT Studio has the best fitness programs Suffolk has to offer.  I can't wait for the next class!

- Charlene Swenter


C-FIT Studio is celebrating its 3 year anniversary!
New Group Ballroom Series Starts Monday, October 5th  at 7:30 PM!



C-FIT Studio offers small group training (semi-private) for those who like working with a partner or friend or for those people who get more out of their workout by competing. Semi-private training is typically 2-4 people with one trainer. Common group dynamics are friends, husband-wife teams, brides and bridesmaids, siblings, and mother-daughter duos. If you do not have someone that wants to train with, we will be happy to team you up with other clients.

Sometimes we can barely get in a workout with the short amount of time we have. This is exactly why C-FIT has designed 30-minute workout sessions, with you in mind. Your half hour session will be fast, fun, hard and effective. You will get RESULTS. We promise you, there will not be much down time and plenty of exercise packed into your workout session.

At C-FIT Studio we have our very own registered dietitian! Our dietitian will first seek to understand your concerns and then help you develop a personalized plan based upon your individual nutrition needs and dietary preferences. If you have nutrition-related health concerns or just want professional guidance on how to eat better; schedule an individual consultation with a registered dietitian today!

Make sure to check our schedule for upcoming dance lessons and social events. Classes are held every Monday evening and run as a 4 week series. This way you have the opportunity to learn a different dance every month. Class and teaching level do rotate from beginner to advanced. Check our schedule for upcoming dances, dates and times.



Overweight, with elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol, I finally decided to really do something about it. That same day, I saw an ad in the paper for the opening of C-Fit Studio. Met with Connie and told her I needed to be in better shape but did not know where to begin. I needed someone who could adjust to my level or I would just get worn out, discouraged and quit. She said, “No problem”. I met with Jeremy who also said, “No problem”.

With a combination of determined discipline, coaching, education, and enthusiasm, Jeremy has brought me a long way. My results so far? Losing fat, blood pressure dropping, and cholesterol numbers the best in 12 years. Not to mention how much stronger I am, and no longer feel worn out at work at 2 PM.

I’m not where I want to be yet, and still have a good ways to go, but the results I’ve gotten so far make me want to see how far I can go.

Rich C.

I had no confidence in myself that I could keep up with the other competitors for the contest but I had no doubt that Connie and Jeremy would help me get to my best. Halfway through the contest I was amazed at myself and how strong I could be. There were many things that I doubted I could do – like sustained exercise for 30 minutes or more, being able to get up and down off the floor quickly for different exercises, do a real push up! I was amazed at myself at the end of each class and left with a smile on my face that said “You’re doing it girl!”

I am so satisfied and pleased with C-Fit Studios! The variety of classes that they offer, their sincere desire to see you make improvements in your health and fitness and the camaraderie that is built with the other members makes this the only place you need to go no matter your fitness level.

My results with C-Fit Studios…? 20lbs lost. 5 inches lost. An athlete in training won!

April C.