Here at C-FIT Studio we have developed a variety of virtual training programs to fit your needs.

Get started today by choosing from the programs below.

Virtual Trainer

Experience the benefit of personalized, guided workouts from the comfort of your own home.  With C-FIT Studio’s Virtual Personal Training (VPT) Program, we will guide you through your workouts just as we would within the studio, correcting postures, and ensuring adherence to the effort needed to reach your goals.  Life can throw us many curve-balls, and we are blessed to be able to offer this service to our clients when they are unable to attend us in the studio.

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No-Brainer Trainer

With C-FIT’s No-Brainer Trainer, you can feel confident that you are progressing towards your goals with every workout without having to wrack your brain to figure out what to do next.  While we will not be virtually watching and queuing you virtually during your workouts as C-FIT does with the C-FIT VPT Program, we will be checking in and following up with you to ensure adherence to your program, and to answer any questions before and after the fact.

    This is a great option for people on the go who don’t want to expend the mental energy to come up with their own routines (where due to personal reasons and preferences or due to busy schedules, etc).

    This is also a great supplement to the in-studio workouts at C-FIT Studio, whether they be one of our classes or One-on-One Personal Training sessions.  We train our clients 2-3 times each week and offer classes throughout the week, but what do you do in-between sessions?  Use the C-FIT’s No-Brainer Trainer to take the thought out of it, and we will help ensure that your outside workouts complement your Personal Training Program that your trainer designed specifically for you.

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Behavior Change Partner

Add a BCP on to any of our service programs!

    At C-FIT Studio, we aim to over deliver as best we can, but sometimes there's simply not enough time to go over everything that is needed for success as individuals work to enhance their lives and fitness. Our BCP program includes an initial 60-minute Mind Meld to explore, evaluate, and define your wellness and fitness goals, with a once weekly 30-minute behavior coaching call to ensure adherence, compliance, answer questions, and to help overcome any obstacles or plateaus that may arise as we achieve success.

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