C-FIT Studio is Suffolk's premier fitness training facility.  We offer a variety of classes and training to help you lead a more efficient and healthy lifestyle.  See our list of small group training classes below to discover what we have to offer. You can also take a quick glance to see when the next class is scheduled.


KAOS is C-FIT’s signature cross training class! It stands for Kinetic Athletic Olympic System. It equals results! This is where athletic training, HIIT, weight lifting and sound instruction, meet.

Class size is limited to provide specialized coaching to all participants. KAOS is our most challenging class, but all our classes are multilevel.

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FIT Core

In FIT Core don’t be surprised if you work up a sweat! We utilize our core in every direction and format. We work from the floor to our feet, stabilizing, twisting and rolling everywhere, simulating daily life, making this a very functional class!

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Studio Yoga

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Studio Yoga is “time out” for yourself. This classes incorporates the therapeutic aspects of yoga into a balanced class of stretch and strength where our breath, mind and body can meet. This is a 60 minute session.

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Maybe you have heard “that was a killer class”? Either that intrigues you and makes you want to try it, or you think, “no way, not me, never”! Cycle Circuit will get your heart pumping, your legs burning, and body sweating! Just remember, this is multilevel, like all our other classes. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace.There is no choreography to remember, no bumping into your neighbor if one goes right and the other left. Cycle Circuit is a solid cardio class with a strength component and possibly even rowing! Incorporating this class into your routine will propel all your other activities! This is a 45 minute session.

Upcoming Studio Cycle Classes

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